Dashboard Update: Vaccination Outcomes by Age

The COVID-19 Health Inequities in Cities dashboard allows users to characterize and track COVID-19 outcomes and inequities in COVID-19 outcomes over time across multiple levels: across subgroups of individuals within cities, across neighborhoods within cities, and across cities. The dashboard has recently been updated to include two new features that leverage data on COVID-19 vaccination outcomes by age. The first new feature shows city-specific inequities by age group and can be found under the City Report: Vaccination Inequities section of the dashboard.

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Tracking Inequities in COVID-19 Vaccination across Large US Cities

We recently developed a new dashboard section for tracking outcomes and inequities in COVID-19 vaccination. This section allows users to track, describe, and compare inequities in COVID-19 vaccination on multiple levels in 29 large US cities. City Report: Vaccination First, in the City Report Vaccination tab, users can select a city, explore, and visualize inequities in COVID-19 vaccination outcomes by race/ethnicity and by neighborhood.

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