Trends Of Racial Disparities In Covid-19 Outcomes In US Cities

The COVID-19 Health Inequities in Cities dashboard was created to compare and track inequities related to the COVID-19 pandemic across a multitude of dimensions, including across subgroups of individuals within cities, across neighborhoods within cities, and across cities. The newest addition to the dashboard focuses on describing and comparing inequities by race/ethnicity in COVID-19 outcomes over the course of the pandemic. City specific trends of racial disparities over time Within the “City Report: Inequities: Outcomes” tab, users can select a city of interest and examine trends in COVID-19 outcomes over time for different race/ethnicity sub-populations.

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Age-Adjusting—why does it matter for disparities?

Un-adjusted Death Rates Un-adjusted Age Rates Age Distribution Key Insight Un-adjusted Death Rates I recently received an email from my microbiologist uncle, asking me to help him interpret Washington state’s COVID-19 data. The data didn’t seem to match articles he’d read on racial and ethnic inequities in coronovirus deaths. His question seemed a relevant one for many people, inundated with constant COVID-19 data, and who might want further information about how to interpret some of the data they’re seeing.

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